Take the Leap

“ Be willing to follow wherever I lead. Follow Me wholeheartedly, with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Though you don’t know what lies ahead, I know and that is enough!” Jesus Calling ~ Sarah Young

Last Sunday, I participated in a Sunday school class titled “What does it mean to follow Jesus?” Part of the Fearless Conversation curriculum. I have been thinking about it ever since. The class started by having us look at our reaction times. How quickly do we react when challenged to complete a task. We then read Matthew 4:18-25 where Jesus is calling his disciples. He says “Come. Follow me.” And they do. We don’t hear the stories of their lives. There is nothing to tell us what they are choosing to leave behind. Jesus doesn’t spend time convincing them this is the right choice. They just take the leap of faith and follow him in the most concrete way, leaving everything they know of their current life behind.

So what does this mean for us? What does it mean to follow Jesus, to answer his call on your life? That is something for you to decide, but I think it often involves taking a leap of faith. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing your gifts. This rarely comes easily. I believe I have been called to share my story, to inspire others with what I have learned about health and whole food nutrition, about mindset and fitness, about faith. Even when that feels uncomfortable, it feels right.

One of the first obstacles of my Tough Mudder, leaping into a vat of ice water.

One of the first obstacles of my Tough Mudder, leaping into a vat of ice water.

This picture is from when I ran a Tough Mudder. There were so many fears I faced that day. This leap of faith was one of the most difficult; I am jumping into ice water. I knew it was going to be painful. I knew it was going to be difficult. But I also knew completing this race was a huge goal. I needed to convince myself of my own strength. So I made the leap. It was painful and difficult but also exhilarating. Ultimately facing many more obstacles and completing the run became one of my proudest accomplishments.

This year I have been called to leap over and over again. Each time it gets a little easier to trust I am on the right path. So where are you being called to leap? What is holding you back? Maybe it is time to just take the leap and follow the call.



Get it Done Early

5am“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Yesterday, I received a writing prompt. “What is the best thing you ever got for free?” As I contemplated how to answer that, I kept thinking about the support of my communities, especially the #5amclub which is a subset of Jon Acuff‘s 30 Days of Hustle which I joined in January last year. It has been an amazing experience to share the ups and downs of hustling on our dreams with this group of friendly Facebook faces every morning bright and early. Then I read something from Jeff Goins that said the number one reason writers say they can’t write is they don’t have time. He recommends writing first thing in the morning, even if it has to be super early.

All this has me thinking about how my life has changed since I became a morning person. “I don’t have time” was one of my original excuses for not working out. Four years ago, a friend asked me to join her in a 5:45 am workout class that changed my life. I was not a morning person. As a matter of fact, I took great pride in my night owl personality. But I was tired of being overweight and overwhelmed. For the first time in my life, what I wanted to achieve outweighed the pain of making a change. The fact of the matter is, we all have the same number of minutes, of hours in a day. It is up to each of us to decide how we will spend them. Four years ago, I decided I was going to get strong. I got up in the wee hours and ALWAYS made it to my workout. A hundred pounds and fours years later, I still make it to that workout 5 days a week. I get there because I choose to get there. I get there because it is a priority that super-cedes all other commitments. That one mindset shift has made all the difference.

Now life has evolved and I work out a little later, but I still get up at 5. I use this time to check-in with my community and to write. One of my outrageous October goals is to turn that around and write first, then check-in with my community. I will be flipping them because I know how powerful it is to accomplish your biggest goal first thing in the morning. 

So think about your big goals. What are you saying you want to do but not finding the time to get it done? What would happen if you joined me first thing in the morning and focused on that one goal? How would getting it done change your life? 




Outrageous October

I'm so glad I live in a world where (3)Wow! It is October first. This year is flying by. I love this quote from Anne of Green Gables.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

I agree with her. October might just be my favorite month. For some reason, this year October is feeling a little more like January. It feels like an opportunity for a fresh start, for new goals and exciting plans. Maybe it is that slight chill in the air. Maybe it’s the new clothes coming out of the closet. It just feels like opportunity.

So I’ve decided to have an Outrageous October. I looked up the definition of Outrageous. Something outrageous is very bold, unusual and startling. I love that idea when you apply it to your goals. Think about it. How might your life look different if you decided to do something very bold, something unusual, something you and those around you would find startling?

It is often said the things you do in October will yield results in the new year. What might 2015 look like if you take some very bold steps now? Imagine what the new year might hold if you do something unusual, something outside your comfort zone this month.

I’ve got some outrageous goals for this October. You will be hearing from me much more often as I work toward them. How about you set some yourself and join me? Share your goals in the comments. Let me know how I can support you as we step out together to have an Outrageous October.



If you are a Christian Woman in business, join me over at NACWE and you will get the Outrageous October program for free when you join. 


Can Changing Your Words Change Your Life?

In my last post, I talked about the power the words you to yourself have in your life. One of my readers responded by sharing this story. I LOVE it. Such a simple idea that can make a huge difference. This is the story of a man who changed his password to a mantra. An intentional statement about what he wanted to change in his life. It worked so well the first time, he started making it a monthly habit. The new passwords brought  abundant opportunity into his life. Read the original story here.

When I work with my coaching clients, one of the first things we do is craft their vision of success. We work together to envision the end result; the vision of their lives once the goals have been achieved. One of my first clients was a little skeptical. She even said “Just saying something is true doesn’t make it happen.” I’d like to challenge her statement. This story clearly challenges her statement.

We invite into our lives the very things we focus our attention on. Think about it. Instead of wondering “How am I going to get this done?” think about what you will do when it is done. Invite the reward into your life. What have you got to lose?

So what is your Vision of Success? If you would like some help working on it, let me know. You can get more details here. Meanwhile, go change some passwords. Be intentional about what you invite into your life!



Are you planting Words of Success?

Plant seedsWords are one of the most powerful tools we have in life. Each and everyday we have the choice to use them to inspire and uplift or to discourage and demean. In this era of “viral” technology, our words have the potential to have even wider impact whether for good or bad. We seem to be pretty clear on this when we think about  the impact our words have on others, but have you ever thought about the impact your words have on your own perspective of self? The words you speak and think have the same influence on you that they have on others. Are you speaking words of success or failure when you talk to yourself?

 I have been paying a lot of attention to words lately. One of the words I’d like us to eliminate from our vocabulary is “can’t” or more importantly “I can’t”. How often in life do you say “I can’t” when what you really mean is “I don’t” or “I choose not to”.  Sure, life is full of obstacles and challenges, but when you really look at things, it all boils down to personal choices.  So when you find yourself at the office in the morning and someone has brought in doughnuts, when you think  or say “I can’t have one of those”, you have already set yourself up for failure. Your mind is already telling you that you have been deprived of something that you want and value. Since willpower is an exhaustible resource, the next choice you have to make will be that much harder.

  What might happen if you turn it around though. Think about it, when you are faced with the doughnut, what might happen if you say ” I don’t eat doughnuts. I know that I will feel awful after the sugar crash and totally regret the calories later.” Now you feel strong and empowered rather than deprived and punished. You have stepped up and successfully faced a challenge. This feeling of accomplishment will make the next choice a little easier to make rather than  harder.
It is so important to plant seed of success with the words we use. As they grow, we get stronger in our resolve and focus. Each moment of empowerment fuels the next situation with strength.