Beauty Out of Dust ~ An Ash Wednesday Reflection

God Makes Beautiful Things Out of Dust

Today is Ash Wednesday, my favorite sacred day of the year. I know that might surprise some. My daughter even questioned me about the comment just this weekend. I love Ash Wednesday for the simple reminder it gives us. We came from dust. We will return to dust. Well, what we really are saying is […]

Lessons from a Challenge – A Joy Worthy Journey Day 30

A Joy Worthy Journey

Day 30 of this 31 day challenge and honestly, I’ve fallen behind here at the end. It’s interesting the three lessons that come to mind apply to all my challenges. At the beginning of the month, I hit the ground running. I was excited about the challenge. My head was full of ideas but… Lesson […]

First You Believe- A Joy Worthy Journey Day 24

First You Believe

Even though I’ve been focusing on Joy, this week the word believe is what kept coming up. I noticed it in several articles about goal setting. Each one mentioned that believing your goal is achievable is critical. Whether or not you know how you are going to get there, you have to believe it is […]